Jeremy Pomeroy

Founder / Creative Director

My Career

I set up Total Marketing Australia along with Ray 2013. Prior to this, for over 20 years, I worked at several well-established design, digital and marketing agencies. I am a friendly, collaborative and creative person, and I enjoy bringing to the table unique branding ideas that help businesses to thrive and succeed in the marketplace. I have extensive health industry experience across 1000’s of projects. Yet I treat every project as a unique opportunity to help a brand on the verge of flourishing into excellence.

What I Do

As Creative Director, I oversee all of Total Marketing Australia’s branding and design production. I ensure that the end result is consistently outstanding for each project.

I can transform your brand’s visual storytelling from stale to striking and memorable. Whether you are after print or digital branding needs, a new visual identity and brand kit, support and advice on visual storytelling or a new advertising campaign, I can help. Throughout the entire process, l will regularly check-in with you and ensure that you understand the process and are happy to progress further until the designs are signed off.

What I love about my role

I really love getting to know my clients. Connecting with people and building relationships is an important part of creative projects. Another aspect of my role is coming up with vibrant and unique ideas that will resonate with audiences. It’s challenging, exhilarating and rewarding work – what’s not to love?

Personal Interests

I’m normally found with a coffee in hand and on the weekends you can normally find me scoping out vinyl records for my ever-expanding record collection. I have lived and travelled extensively throughout Europe and South America and enjoy learning about other cultures. I love spending time with my family and friends, surfing poorly and cooking up a storm on the BBQ.