Caroline Sandau

Accounts / Office Manager


Throughout my career, I’ve worked in many different countries and for different industries, including banking, printing, outdoor clothing, legal, accounting and the franchising industry. Previously, I worked for a big corporate law firm in Sydney for eight years.

What I Do

I look after the company accounts and administration for Total Marketing Australia and provide practical support whenever and wherever needed.

What I love about my role

I enjoy supporting small business clients and watching them grow over the years. I set up workflows and streamline processes for accounting and administration for Total Marketingn. I like being a part of a team of professionals, all of us working towards the same goal, designing solutions for marketing growth.

Personal Interests

During the current lockdown, I developed a love for gardening. I enjoy spending time in nature, going to the beach, riding my bike, going for walks, and keeping fit with yoga and spin classes. I can’t wait until I can travel again – in the past my family and I have travelled to Europe and I relish the opportunity to explore new places and have new experiences.