Catherine Proctor

Digital Content Producer / Writer


After starting my career in book publishing, for the past decade I’ve worked mainly in the digital space, translating technical information into everyday language for business owners who don’t have the time or the skills to write websites or to do their digital marketing themselves.

I’ve written websites, blogs and social media posts across a wide variety of market verticals, including physiotherapy, medical, accounting and finance, sailing and boating, the funeral industry, catering, architecture, food technology, beauty and health, driving schools, strata management, business coaching and tourism.

What I Do

I specialise in communicating exactly what your business does for who and why, and how your services or products solve the problems your customers are facing by telling stories that show, not tell; stories that entertain, influence and inform; and ultimately, stories that inspire customers to act.

What I love about my role

Whether I’m creating websites, blogs or social media posts, I love to write engaging, interactive, personalised, and relevant content that triggers an emotional response in your website visitors and ultimately converts them into customers.

Personal Interests

Making connections, staying curious and being creative…this is who I am, which is why on weekends you’ll find me creating, blogging and teaching paper craft, writing cook books and travel books, or taste testing my latest culinary creation with my family and friends.