Sylvia Sarabia

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist

My Career

Growing up in San Francisco, I grew up in the world of tech. I have a background in International Business and Digital Marketing. I have worked for global companies with a speciality in tech. I have experience in different sectors of marketing such as customer experience, B2B customer communities, and SEO. I now focus and specialise in SEO and am passionate about helping companies get found organically and reach their desired audience! It’s really rewarding to see the work that I do have the results that I aim for.

My Interests

I love living abroad! Stemmed by my love of travelling, this passion has developed into living abroad. I love experiencing new cultures, languages, and ways of being and think you can truly experience that by living in a new country for at least a few months. I have now lived and worked in the US, Spain, and Australia!